A 10-year-old boy’s dearest wish was granted by law enforcement officers in #Ora…

A 10-year-old boy’s dearest wish was granted by law enforcement officers in #OrangeCounty, #Florida, on Thursday.

When Gaige Pike was born he was diagnosed with neoplasms, which are abnormal tissue growths that sometimes signal cancer. “Then last year, he had open heart surgery. However, Gaige is so much more than his medical diagnosis — not only does he love science and robots, but he loves helping people,” the article read.

When the Make-A-Wish Foundation reached out to Gaige and asked what they could do for him, he said he wanted to be a robot superhero.

The foundation wasted no time and partnered with the Orange County Sheriff’s Office to have the young man help them fight crime for an entire day. “Gaige said he wanted to be able to save someone, so today we are making his wish come true and we are proud to do it,” the department stated.

First, he was transformed into RoboGaige and then sworn in by Sheriff John Mina.

Later, the sheriff’s office tweeted a video of RoboGaige and the SWAT team stopping an attempted robbery at the Orlando Federal Credit Union. “These are the lasers I used to catch the bad guy,” RoboGaige said after taking the suspect into custody.

Once he helped put out a fire and rescue a victim from a simulated building collapse, Orange County Mayor Jerry Demings praised the robot superhero for his bravery. “Congratulations to you and thank you for catching a bad guy today,” Demings said, adding, “It doesn’t get any better than this, so we’re very proud of RoboGaige and this young man and what he really means to all of us.” RoboGaige’s final act was to sign off at the end of his shift. “He’s one of the most generous and kind souls that I have ever met in my life; he is my hero. For everything that he’s gone through and overcome, I cannot be more proud to call him my son,” said Gaige’s mom, Amanda. #binspirednews



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