A 14-week-old pit bull has a forever home thanks to a #NewJersey police officer …

A 14-week-old pit bull has a forever home thanks to a #NewJersey police officer and his colleagues who rescued him earlier this month.

Officer Matthew O’Hanlon of the Mount Laurel #Police Department said he took the dog in after he and fellow officers found him wandering around an industrial area on January 2, according to Good Morning America.

The 26-year-old named the pup Thor, noting, “My fiance and I are big Marvel fans and we just thought based on him being injured and everything the name kind of fit.”

When the officers discovered the puppy, he had no identification and a wound on his forehead, so they took him to the Burlington County Animal Shelter located in Westampton for medical treatment.

“I called the shelter 20 minutes after I dropped him off and told them that I wanted him,” O’Hanlon recalled, adding that when he picked up Thor, he took him to a vet who removed the tooth of another animal from the wound on his head.

“Boy, it makes you feel good that you can help a little puppy like that go from whatever happened to him to now knowing how spoiled he’s going to be for the rest of his life,” O’Hanlon told ABC 11.

The Mount Laurel Police Department shared a photo Sunday of the officer with his pet.

Facebook users praised O’Hanlon for giving the stray dog a home, with one person commenting, “This melts my heart.”

“Officer O’Hanlon is the man! Glad they are both excited and all smiles!” another said.

“How can you resist either of those faces! Thank you for adopting Little Thor,” a third user wrote.

O’Hanlon said pit bulls are loving and affectionate dogs and “it’s [unfortunate] to see them get bad reputations when it’s really the way they’re raised.”

He also encouraged people looking for a family dog to “adopt don’t shop.” #binspirednews



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