A 16-year-old in #Austin, #Texas, expressed her desire Friday to someday find a …

A 16-year-old in #Austin, #Texas, expressed her desire Friday to someday find a home she can call her own.

“I’ve been in poverty and I’ve been poor before all those things, and I just want not the luxuries in life, but more than anything I just wish for them to love me,” Natasha said during an interview with KVUE’s Tori Larned.

“More than anything I want someone to love me,” she continued.

Natasha grew up in the care of Child Protective Services (CPS) and during one of her darker moments, she met a paramedic who showed her compassion.

That encounter inspired her to follow the same path.

“She was very kind to me and I didn’t know what was happening. I want to be somebody who can impact somebody going through something,” the teenager explained.

In addition, Natasha wants to be a model like actress Brooklyn Decker, who joined the interview on Friday.

“I wanna be like the ones that wear the beautiful dresses that people will never be able to buy because they’re so expensive but they’re still so beautiful,” she said.

The teen’s ideal family would be a “young and active couple who can keep up with her,” according to her profile on the Heart Gallery of Central Texas website.

“Natasha will thrive with positive reinforcement. Her forever family should help her know that she is loved and valued,” the website read.

Decker told the teenager she wanted to see all of her dreams come true.

“You deserve the luxuries of life. You deserve someone to love you unconditionally,” Decker said, adding that she was worthy of love.

Every day, over 900 children in Central Texas wait to find their forever homes, according to the Heart Gallery’s website.

However, Natasha is determined to remain positive and keep smiling while she waits to be adopted.

“I am very goofy. I might seem very serious, and polite and kind, but I can be very goofy. I love making people smile because I see both of y’all smiling and it makes my heart warmer,” she told Larned and Decker. #binspirednews



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