A 16-year-old student at an #Alabama high school said she started a “prayer lock…

A 16-year-old student at an #Alabama high school said she started a “prayer locker” at her local high school to help her classmates out in time of need.

Brianna Farris, who attends #PellCityHighSchool, said she heard about the concept from other high schools and wanted to start a prayer locker at her own high school, the Dothan Eagle reported.

WBRC reported that the administration had no problem with her request because it was a student-initiated activity. “Within the first week, I probably got ten prayers in the locker, which is more than I expected,” Farris said. “So, I take them home and I’d pray for them and then on Sundays, my church also has a prayer request thing. So I write the prayer requests down and put them in the basket at church.” The locker is located outside the library, and instructions by the locker state that students can submit prayer requests anonymously. “I keep all the prayers that I get in a little bag. So I’ll just like have them with me at all times so if it hasn’t happened yet, I can still be praying for it,” according to Farris.

Farris said school administrators were worried that people would submit mean notes in the locker instead of prayer requests, but Farris reassured them that she would pray for them anyway. “So if someone were to write a bad note, I would still be praying for them even if they were to do something mean towards me about the prayer locker or something like that,” said Farris.

Farris said the one regret she had was that she wished she had started the prayer locker idea sooner so that she could help more people. #binspirednews



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