A 21-year-old street corner sign-twirler who makes $25 a day found an envelope w…

A 21-year-old street corner sign-twirler who makes $25 a day found an envelope with $20,000 comprised of hundred-dollar bills and found it in his heart to turn it in.

Benjamin Feliciano of #PortStLucie, #Florida, makes his living promoting a local furniture company on U.S. Highway 1 in Jensen Beach.

When Feliciano discovered the envelope filled with cash, he placed the money in a clean plastic bag and found a passing deputy to turn it in t.

Deputies said that soon after Feliciano turned in the cash, someone filed a report describing the exact amount. The money was then given to the man to whom it belonged.
But Feliciano did not leave empty-handed for his good deed. Feliciano, who took the sign-twirling job to buy a means of transportation, received a bicycle as a gift from a private citizen who works closely with the sheriff’s office. “Ben was thrilled, but said he has no immediate plans of giving up his job,” the sheriff’s office wrote on its Facebook page. “We think Ben is amazing and his good deed is certainly worth sharing.” Feliciano is not the first person to receive a small reward for turning in a large sum of money. In 2018, a Santa Barbara, California, teen who discovered $10,000 in a purse and turned it in to the sheriff’s office received a $100 reward from the purse owner. #binspirednews



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17 thoughts on “A 21-year-old street corner sign-twirler who makes $25 a day found an envelope w…

  1. @b_inspired_news how the fuck I’m supposed to be inspired about this????? He turned in 20 grand and they gave him a fuckin bike

  2. I’m sorry but that’s exzactly why he is a sign twirler if you do the right thing all the time you will never be on top I’m not saying be violent or steal But I am saying every capitalist is on top because they do what they have to if you own a property and don’t raise rent ever with inflation you are just giving out handouts

  3. I would’ve kept that shit. If it’s in a purse or wallet it’s different but in an envelope on the street?

  4. WHO/HOW THE FUCK DOES SOMEONE LOSE 20kCASH!?!? “Oh shoot, now where’d I put that envelope…” ridiculous. I can GUARANTEE o won’t be that dumb when the universe gifts me

  5. I’ve been reading “The 48 Laws of Power.” It has taught me that things like: honor, integrity, loyalty, honesty…. is not the path to power. Lived most of my life doing the right thing, being honorable, etc. yeah…. didn’t make me rich or powerful.

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