A 96-year-old #WorldWarII #veteran is still serving his country by knitting and …

A 96-year-old #WorldWarII #veteran is still serving his country by knitting and donating hats to the #SalvationArmy.

Tom Cornish is a resident at the Champlin Shores senior living community in Minnesota who began knitting hats amid the coronavirus pandemic, according to CNN.

In 2020, he donated 400 of them to the Salvation Army and still knits every day, planning to donate all of his creations to people in need.

“Well they need a lot of hats and you got to have donors for that,” he told reporters of the inspiration for his project.

The Navy veteran volunteered to serve in the Pacific during World War II. Upon his return home, he kept volunteering while raising five children with his wife, Lorraine.

After she passed away, he married Marvel and they also worked together as volunteers before her passing.

“This is how he got to be 96 years old, because he’s helping everybody else,” said his son, Jerry Cornish. “Everybody’s more important than he is, in his mind.”
The veteran has also trained other residents in the senior living community to weave and said one person made over 35 hats.

Many times throughout his day, Cornish stops to read from the Bible which rests on a table by his chair.

“I feel like I’m working for the Lord and that’s a good feeling,” he explained.

In October, the Salvation Army USA Central Territory shared a photo of Cornish with a few of his knitted creations and said he averages about one per day.

When asked what he enjoyed most about his project, Cornish said, “other people are getting something out of my labor. It’s better than playing cards or looking out the window.”

Now, the veteran is getting ready to make baby hats which he will also give to the Salvation Army, telling reporters he wants to keep knitting “until I take my last breath.” #binspirednews



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