A big effort is underway to support residents and volunteers in #BrunswickCounty…

A big effort is underway to support residents and volunteers in #BrunswickCounty, #NorthCarolina, after a #tornado ripped through the area.

Christian Recovery Centers Incorporated (CRCI), a program that helps recovering addicts find purpose, is working hard to donate meals to people in the Ocean Ridge Community, WECT reported Saturday.

“Our program at Brunswick Christian Recovery Center is four months and they have the opportunity to jump in and help day two that they are in the program,” explained Timothy McDowell, director of catering for CRCI.

He said program members have so far provided more than 500 meals to the community and the organization also sent landscape crews to help clear debris.

“We came in here; we offered our services and we have been doing everything for free because people in times like this shouldn’t be hindered about having to pay this and pay that,” said CRCI’s Buddy Walley.

In a Facebook post Saturday, the organization shared photos of program members serving a meal to volunteers.

CRCI Landscaping & Pressure Washing also shared pictures of cleanup efforts in Ocean Ridge, writing, “We are grateful we are in a position where we are able to help our neighbors”

In a post on Friday, CRCI’s Catering & Creations said, “Here at BCRC we praise our men and help them find their way to God and His purpose for their lives”

“We also allow the opportunity for our men to be a blessing to others as well! Although it is good to receive, we find that the real joy is in giving back,” the post read.

One resident did not imagine there would be so much support from neighbors after the tornado.

“During something that is so devastating to so many people regardless of loss of life, total damage, little damage everybody has been helping and I think that sense of community is helping people get through it,” said Susan Kemmerer. #binspirednews



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