A boy who owns a popular #LemonadeStand in #SouthPhiladelphia is getting ready t…

A boy who owns a popular #LemonadeStand in #SouthPhiladelphia is getting ready to take his business on the road.

Ten-year-old Micah Harrigan made a name for himself last summer with his lemonade and tea stand called #MicahsMixx, radio.com reported Monday.

“He garnered a large social media following, and the business he’s been running with his mother for two years became an official LLC,” the article said.

Micah also received support from neighbors and his next move is expanding his business to the food truck model.

“Because we’re small, we’re not getting a whole gigantic bus. It’s like a mini school bus,” he explained. “The bus is like a whole restaurant on wheels, or at least it will be when we fix it up.”

Micah shared photos of himself and the bus to his Instagram profile on January 14, writing, “Thanks to your donations and the purchase of over 1500 bottles of lemonade I have my minibus!”

“Now I start the hard work of raising enough funds to actually make it a food truck. My mom was hesitant to do this but we really underestimated the cost it takes to turn a bus into a food truck,” he continued.

The two hope to have the vehicle ready for business by springtime and created a GoFundMe page to raise money for the project.

“We can start the work, but hopefully the donations will keep coming in,” said his mother, Danielle.

As of Monday afternoon, the page had raised $2,770 of its $10,000 goal.

According to the Micah’s Mixx website, the young man has always dreamed of owning a business and draws inspiration from people such as Steve Jobs, who started Apple in his garage.

Now, he attributes his success to those who have offered a helping hand along the way.

“All the support and love from different businesses and all the people who have bought lemonade or supported me,” Micah said. “Teamwork is a big priority in life because not everyone can do everything alone.” #binspirednews



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