A bus driver in #Denver, #Colorado, is being called a #hero after she saved a ch…

A bus driver in #Denver, #Colorado, is being called a #hero after she saved a child who was wandering in a busy street Saturday.

#RegionalTransportationDistrict (RTD) bus driver Rashida Way-Smith was driving her normal route on S. Parker Road when she observed two cars in front of her swerve to miss something in the roadway. “As I slowed my vehicle down, I noticed a little baby right in the middle of the street,” Way-Smith told Denver 7.

Surveillance footage from inside the bus showed her quickly pulling the vehicle to the side of the road. “Oh my God, somebody’s baby is in the street,” she exclaimed as one of her two passengers leaned forward in his seat to look out the windshield. “Oh jeez!” he said when he saw the little boy.

Way-Smith then exited the bus and returned moments later, carrying the child in her arms. The video showed her securing him in one of the seats as the passenger watched. “You saved that baby’s life,” the man told her.

A few minutes later, Way-Smith pulled into a parking lot in the 3200 block of S. Parker Road and called RTD, who sent a security officer to meet her.

Way-Smith said the child, whom she initially thought was a girl, was not injured. However, he did not have on shoes or socks and his diaper was soiled.

The RTD website stated that its drivers “do more than operate buses and trains. We make a meaningful difference in people’s lives.” Thanks to Way-Smith, that is exactly what happened. “I feel like if I wasn’t there at that moment, (he) definitely could’ve gotten ran over,” she said.

Once it investigated the incident, the Denver Police Department handed the case over to the District Attorney’s Office, which did not file any charges.

However, the case has since been referred to the Department of Human Services for further investigation. #binspirednews



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