A #California restaurant owner and his staff are working hard to deliver hundred…

A #California restaurant owner and his staff are working hard to deliver hundreds of meals to nurses even though the business is losing money.

Lyndall’s Sports Stop Grill owner Mike Lyndall says he and his staff begin working at 5 a.m. to prepare a 100-person take-out order. “I mean, you can’t believe what the people in this community do,” Lyndall told KGO. “We put out chin up, shovel in the ground, and just go.” Lyndall fills this order three times a week, then takes a ten-minute drive to Sutter Health Lakeside Hospital — where they take his temperature every time even though hungry staff members know what is coming for them.

The donated lunch from Lyndall and his staff is well-received from the hard-working frontline staff workers stressed about the #coronavirus. “It is one less thing for us to worry about, and nice that we don’t,” said Erica Harrison, an intensive care nurse.

When asked why he chooses to donate these meals, Lyndall says it is all about “doing the right thing.” “We are losing money, but we decided if we are going to go down, we will go down doing the right thing,” Lyndall said.

Lyndall’s business is not the only struggling business that it is using its resources to help the community.

A Wisconsin dairy cooperative announced this month it would be churning out and donating 45,000 pounds of cheese to local food banks in the Midwest using milk that would otherwise spoil.

Customers have also helped their businesses stay afloat by giving generous donations. A veteran and philanthropist bought a $20,000 bottle of bourbon for $40,000 this month to help a Florida restaurant stay afloat. #binspirednews



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