A #Canadian boy with dyslexia has created a one-of-a-kind portrait of his idol, …

A #Canadian boy with dyslexia has created a one-of-a-kind portrait of his idol, #WorldWrestlingEntertainment (@WWE) star John Cena.

Benjamin Russo, 9, said sometimes his learning disorder makes him frustrated, but it did not stop him from using hundreds of Rubik’s cubes to design a spectacular image of the 16-time #WorldChampion wrestler.

It took Benjamin a reported five hours over a three week period to complete the project that he filmed and posted to YouTube December 17.

In the video, the young boy held up cards to tell viewers his story. “I have dyslexia. I struggle with reading and writing. I mix up my words. I get very frustrated and upset too sometimes. But having dyslexia also means I can do something amazing! Like this,” Benjamin said.

The time-lapse video showed Benjamin sitting on the floor, working diligently to complete the massive portrait.

Once he finished, Benjamin held up two signs that read, “Dyslexia is not my disability. Dyslexia is my SUPERPOWER.” December 29, Cena tweeted the video and praised Benjamin for his artistic ability.
Benjamin’s spatial awareness and intelligence are linked to dyslexia and that is the reason he is able to copy any pattern from a Rubik’s cube with ease, according to his mom. “A close inspection of the finished portrait shows that Benjamin wasn’t just putting solid colors together. He had to set up the colors of each cube just right in order to make the phenomenal image work,” Fox 61 reported.

The video currently has 45,431 views on YouTube.

Wednesday, Benjamin’s family posted a photo of him with a Rubik’s cube on Instagram and said he was already thinking about and planning his next artistic endeavor. “Hard at work, working on his next one. Wearing his never give up shirt!” the post read. #binspirednews



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