A #Colorado community stepped in to help a local coffee shop owner after a group…

A #Colorado community stepped in to help a local coffee shop owner after a group of thieves allegedly vandalized his store and stole thin blue line flags.

The business, known as the #CoffeeCabin, has always been about community. Its owner, Wesley Crespi, has been known for his community service, fundraising, and support of veterans and law enforcement.

“Everything to me is always about community, and about people,” Crespi told KDVR.

So when Crespi got a call Friday morning informing him that someone stole his thin blue line flags supporting law enforcement and that the window where he takes orders was vandalized, he was enraged and “shocked.”

“Immediately, it was kind of anger, and it was kind of shock,” Crespi said.

Once word got out about the vandalism and the theft, the community donated flags to replace the old ones and hundreds of dollars towards Crespi’s business.

Crespi says he wants to give that money back to the community, especially members of law enforcement and veterans, by giving customers in uniform a free drink.

Crespi plans on organizing a rally next Sunday at 10 a.m. outside his business to support local law enforcement. #binspirednews



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