A #Colorado resident whose cabin near #LakeGranby was saved from the recent #wil…

A #Colorado resident whose cabin near #LakeGranby was saved from the recent #wildfires got a special surprise on Sunday.

When a contractor came to Dan Stones’ home to shut off water and clear out pipes for the coming winter weather, he found a note attached to it, according to 9 News.

“We just burst into tears when he read that note,” Stones recalled.

Firefighters from Meeker Fire Engine 1446 had written an apology and explained that they were unable to save a shed on his property.

“If this note finds you we must have done something right. Sorry for the loss of your shed and we had to cut a little of your wood fence, to save your house,” it read:

“#EastTroublesomeFire A HUGE toast to @MeekerFire #1446 tonight. We got your note. Inside the burn line and saved. Forever in your debt and with tears of gratitude. You are truly SUPERHEROES. Words do no justice. THANK YOU.”

“Things got really hot we stayed as long as possible. Best wishes,” the note concluded.

In a tweet Sunday night, Stones shared how emotional the experience was for him.

“I have read this note more than 100x today. Over and over. it hits me everytime – at my very core,” he said.

Stones later compared the firefighters to superheroes.

“This beats any Marvel movie, Avengers movie you could ever watch. These people are saving our world. And there’s nothing I could ever do to repay that,” he commented.

The East Troublesome Fire has burned an estimated 300 to 400 homes, according to the 9 News report.

“The fire exploded from 25,000 acres to more than 192,000 last week, leading to evacuations in popular tourist destinations on both sides of the Continental Divide, including Grand Lake and Estes Park,” the article said.

To thank the firefighters, Stones created a GoFundMe page that has so far raised $680 of its $10,000 goal.

“For the brave souls who fought to save our place and so many others. No amount of thanks is enough, but hoping this can help support you, as you’ve selflessly supported so many others,” he wrote. #binspirednews



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