A community in #Gilroy, #California, came together to raise $90,000 for a local …

A community in #Gilroy, #California, came together to raise $90,000 for a local #doughnut shop, whose owners are struggling with health issues.

Stephanie Upton-Gonzalez set up a #GoFundMe page for #GilroyDonutHouse after seeing owner Sreng Hok at work. Hok has been dealing with a few health issues for the past few years, and said she knew something was wrong as soon as she saw him behind the counter, KSBW reported.

His 29-year-old daughter recently had a brain aneurysm and the family had to make the heartbreaking decision to take her off life support. His wife also had a stroke, and is partially paralyzed on one side, yet still goes into the store to bake the #doughnuts at night, according to the GoFundMe post. “Due to these unfortunate circumstances, they are not in a position to close the store to grieve,” the GoFundMe reads. “Let’s show the Hok family how great our community is… As you know, they are the nicest family.” An outpouring of donations has been coming in from the community over the past few days, with the fundraiser receiving $90,000 as of Monday. More than 1,500 people have donated to the cause.

The Gilroy Dispatch reported that the day after the GoFundMe page went live, a line of customers adhering to social distancing protocols stood outside the doughnut shop waiting to get into the store to purchase one of the sweet treats. #binspirednews



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