A #Connecticut #pizza shop is pitching in to help the community during the #Chin…

A #Connecticut #pizza shop is pitching in to help the community during the #Chinese #coronavirus outbreak by donating pies to the doctors and nurses serving at a local hospital.

#NaplesPizza owner Kurt Kruczek told Fox & Friendshost Steve Doocy on Wednesday he got the idea from a fellow connection in the restaurant industry who was delivering pizzas to his local hospital. “And, I thought, what a great way to contribute to what’s happening right now and maybe make it a little bigger and invite other restaurants to do the same,” Kruczek said.

Kruczek said he plans to deliver the pizzas at least once a week and two times per day for lunch and dinner, adding that he is trying to get other restaurants to participate as well. “Hopefully people in the area and people in areas across the country can buy gift cards to restaurants and maybe donate them to hospitals or police or anybody to keep restaurants going,” he told Doocy. “Or even just call your local restaurants and order food and have it delivered to hospitals. Because I’m sure restaurants across the country would love to do that.” Kruczek said his restaurant is operating at 50 percent capacity and he is trying to keep as much of his staff on the payroll as possible.

Kruczek’s business is not the only one delivering meals to hospital workers at no charge. A Chick-fil-A in Washington state served 1,000 meals to hospital workers battling the outbreak in the state.

Other restaurants decided to take a different approach to serve customers during the outbreak. One Los Angeles restaurant is selling a “taco emergency kit,” which includes four rolls of toilet paper. #binspirednews



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  1. Pizza shops are putting in extra effort right now. The pizza I ordered was the best I’ve had in a while…

  2. I am hearing and reading about such good humans durring such a difficult time. Americans are rising above and going beyond!!! That’s why we are the greatest country in the world.

  3. Restaurants are donating food and athletes are donating their own money to help out. Rich celebs in Hollywood out a video with John Lennon’s Imagine thanks for nothing Hollywood

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