A #coronavirus survivor told his story on Monday’s Fox @ Night, explaining how h…

A #coronavirus survivor told his story on Monday’s Fox @ Night, explaining how he was diagnosed with the virus and struggling to breathe as he declined in the hospital and his lungs rapidly filled with fluid.

Everything changed, he said, after #God came into his room and breathed into his lungs.

Clay Bentley, a retired sheriff’s deputy from #Georgia, shared the story of his miraculous recovery after a bitter battle with the #Chinese coronavirus.

He believes he contracted the virus after attending a gathering at the Church at Liberty Square in #Cartersville, Georgia. He rapidly declined, going to urgent care the next day after struggling to breathe. He was ultimately diagnosed with pneumonia and sent him home.

However, he went back to the hospital days later after his condition worsened, and they eventually confirmed that he contracted the coronavirus. “You know I was in the hospital for about 12 days. I guess it was around the fifth or sixth day, the doctors told me we tried everything,” he explained. “We ran all these antibiotics through you. We’ve done all these tests, and he said, ‘You’re worse today than you were when you came in the hospital,’” he continued, noting that the doctor stressed the importance of getting the fluid out of his lungs.

At that point, Bentley said he heard God tell him, “You’re getting better.” “I’m just going to tell you, I heard the voice of the Lord tell me as he was telling me that,” he says, ‘You’re getting better. You’re getting better,’” he said. “And about I guess it was about 3 o’clock in the morning I got to the point where I couldn’t even breathe, and I tell you I felt like I had a man laying on my chest and the weight of this man was so heavy that he was taking my breath,” Bentley said. “I mean, it was like I couldn’t even breathe,” he said. “And then all of a sudden I felt this — I felt air blown into my lungs and I know as a believer that God was there with me, and he began to blow air in my lungs and I took a deep breath.” Bentley said the doctor came in the next morning and informed him that he had hardly any fluid left in his lungs and asked him if he was a praying man.




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