A couple in #Houston, #Texas, is offering help in a unique way to their neighbor…

A couple in #Houston, #Texas, is offering help in a unique way to their neighbors during the #coronavirus #pandemic.

When Tanglewilde residents Julie and Todd realized that the pandemic would make it difficult for some families to put food on their tables, they decided to do something about it. “We’ve all got something to give and there are people who need it right now,” Julie said.

A few weeks ago, the couple decided to set up a #TinyFreePantry in their front yard for anyone to donate items or take some home. “We wanted to make sure the people living in the food unstable areas could come and see what we might have that they might need,” Julie commented, adding, “But also, I was hoping to reach more neighbors who could actually give what they can.” The Little Free Pantry movement launched in 2016 encourages people to fill boxes or small cabinets with things such as food, personal care items, and paper goods and make them accessible to anyone in need, according to its website. “Like you, we are neighbors with jobs, families…responsibilities,” the site read. “Our budgets are nearly maxed, and we don’t have a lot of time. But we see our neighbors’ daily struggles and feel called to do something in a way that reflects our shared values—compassion, generosity, and trust,” it continued.

Once the couple set up their pantry, Todd shared an invitation to the neighborhood’s Nextdoor page and asked the community to help keep it stocked.

On Twitter Monday, KHOU reporter Melissa Correa shared photos of the Tiny Free Pantry and of Julie and Todd, whom she interviewed through their window.

People can find the pantry’s exact location on the Tanglewilde neighborhood’s Nextdoor page and may come by at any time of the day or night to donate or take items, Julie said. “If everybody could give three canned goods a month, we would stay afloat for everybody who could possibly have this need,” she concluded. #binspirednews



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  6. There’s a group of baseball moms who, no longer having a season to watch our son’s play, are stocking little pantries around our town on a bi weekly basis. We made numerous bottles of hand sanitizer because there none at the store and wrapped up goodies for Easter. Nice way to pay it forward and get out of the house.

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