A couple in #Sheridan, #Arkansas, got a big surprise from their neighbors Saturd…

A couple in #Sheridan, #Arkansas, got a big surprise from their neighbors Saturday after they had to cancel their baby’s gender reveal party due to the #coronavirus #pandemic.

For a long time, Dustin Sanders and his wife Jennifer have struggled to get pregnant, but all of that changed this year when they learned they were expecting, according to Fox 16. “Heartbreak after heartbreak after heartbreak with our baby situation,” said Dustin, who is the lead pastor at Sheridan First Assembly church.

Saturday, the couple was forced to move their recent gender reveal party online as a precaution against the coronavirus. “We just put the iPad up in the kitchen and stood in front of it and shot the cannons and it was pink,” Dustin explained, adding, “Everything was super emotional.” However, that did not stop their friends and neighbors from joining the party while also practicing social distancing.

Not long after the online reveal, the Sanders heard a commotion outside their home on Sixth Street. “We went to the front porch and all of a sudden you could just hear horns honking,” Jennifer recalled.

To their surprise, a line of cars with pink streamers and bows attached was coming down their street as people waved at them and cheered. “They all came around the corner, it was kinda like a parade,” Jennifer commented.

Saturday, Dustin shared the now viral video of the celebration on his Twitter page.

Twitter followers thanked him for posting the video and said it made them feel hopeful during the ongoing health crisis. “Watching this video and crying by the love and support for you all on the strangest of weeks. Congratulations!!!” One person wrote. “This made my day. So happy for you and your wife and yalls [sic] sweet baby GIRL. God is good,” another commented.

Following the parade, Dustin said he and his wife named their little girl Maddie Grace. “We’ve prayed and prayed that she would spread the love of Jesus more than us and just looking at that, you know. Two million people have watched that. She’s already spreading so much hope,” he concluded. #binspirednews



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  2. I love the gesture from their neighbors, but these gender reveal parties, productions, extravaganzas, whatever they are, have gotten waaaay out of hand.

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