A couple’s love story 70 years in the making was caught on camera thanks to thei…

A couple’s love story 70 years in the making was caught on camera thanks to their granddaughter, who shared their moment of affection for each other after they were separated due to the #coronavirus #pandemic.

David and Loretta Bowen, each 90 years old, had their sweet reunion at their Jesup, Georgia, home on July 15 after Loretta Bowen came home from a lengthy hospital stay and their granddaughter captured the moment on Instagram.

“The reason I wanted this recorded is because my grandparents have been married for such a long time, and their love is still just as strong,” Krista Kellum told ABC News, of the couple who have been married 71 years. “And they’re still, as you see in the video, so bonded and strong.”

The pair became separated for several weeks when Kellum’s grandmother found out from the doctors that there was a mass in her colon that needed to be removed via surgery.

“They were separated for such a long time while she was in the hospital and he was just beside himself not being able to see her because of the coronavirus,” Kellum explained. “I wanted them to see that and capture that moment and have it forever just because it was such a precious moment seeing them reunited.”

Kellum wrote on her Instagram caption that her grandfather is a “praying man” and spent hours at church each morning praying.

She also divulged in the post that the mass in her grandmother’s colon “was totally gone” on the morning of her surgery.

“They kept my grandma in the hospital for a few days, and this video is her returning home and reuniting with her husband,” she wrote. “Brb gotta go cry and thank Jesus forever.” #binspirednews



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