A family in #Humble, #Texas, saved a dog earlier this month after they saw it sw…

A family in #Humble, #Texas, saved a dog earlier this month after they saw it swimming aimlessly in #LakeHouston.

Rebecca and Quenton Champ live in a home near the lake so it was not uncommon for them to see wildlife, especially birds, outside their windows.

However, when they looked outside a few weeks ago, they saw a dog paddling in the water all alone.

“My husband is literally walking out the door. He goes outside with binoculars and, sure enough, he’s in the middle of the lake, you can see it bobbing up and down,” Rebecca said.

The couple immediately jumped in their boat and sped out to rescue him.

“You can tell by the time we had gotten there, it was about to give up. It started to bob further down, and it was just unbelievable,” she continued.

Video footage of the incident showed Quenton in the water with the soggy pup, trying to calm him down.

“It’s okay, baby. Good girl!” Rebecca was heard saying from the boat.

“I got the life jacket around it which really kept it from scratching me and biting me. It just calmed every one of us down,” Quenton recalled.

Moments later, he got the dog into the boat and said, “It was so tired and so exhausted that it was shivering.”

Back on dry land, the Champ’s named the dog Freddy and posted the story online in hopes of finding him a home.

When friend John Hall saw the post, it was love at first sight.

“I showed my wife and the kids the video of Quenton rescuing the dog and playing with the dog in the house, and we knew immediately we wanted that dog,” he recalled.

Their family adopted him a few days later.

“It’s just a miracle,” Hall said, adding that he planned to take Freddy to the vet for a checkup. #binspirednews



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