A family in #Ottawa, #Ontario, is deeply grateful for their #dog who helped save…

A family in #Ottawa, #Ontario, is deeply grateful for their #dog who helped save their daughter when she experienced a medical emergency recently.

As Haley Moore walked her Maremma mix, Clover, through their Stittsville neighborhood, she unexpectedly began to seize, CTV News reported on March 19.

“All I remember is waking up in the ambulance and being really confused; just like what is going on,” she recalled.

Prior to waking up, a neighbor’s security camera caught the moment Moore fell to the ground during the seizure. Clover remained by her side but there was no one around to help.

The dog watched as one car drove past and seconds later, freed herself from the leash. When another vehicle approached, Clover stepped into the street to force the driver to stop.

“It was really impressive, the dog Clover actually blocked my way. She kind of backed into the road to block my truck,” driver Dryden Oatway said.

He then exited the car and approached Moore while Clover stood watch nearby.

“The whole time she was backing down the street she had eyes on Hailey; didn’t look away from her. She kept her distance from me but made sure her owner was okay and that was amazing,” Oatway explained.

He tried to get help from a neighbor before going back to Moore. Eventually, the dog caught a second neighbor’s attention who came over to assist.

“Immediately I just stopped and I jumped out of the Jeep and I asked Dryden if everything was okay and he was like, ‘I don’t know, she fell,’” Danielle Pilon commented.

Clover then went to find more help.

“When I got a knock on the door from the neighbours, they were frantic and our dog Clover was barking like crazy,” said Randall Moore, Haley’s father.

When they got back to the scene, the young woman was already in an ambulance.

Although she is still not sure what caused the seizure, Moore is thankful for her loyal dog’s bravery and said she feels ten times safer because of her pet.

“I’m very grateful for her saving my life,” she told Inside Edition.




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