A father and son in #Seaford, #NewYork, have inspired their neighbors to display…

A father and son in #Seaford, #NewYork, have inspired their neighbors to display the American flag all over the community.

When Eric Uss saw flags popping up in the boroughs surrounding his family’s home recently, he decided to use it as a way to teach his son, Frankie, about patriotism.

“And we started it. We started with one flag in front of my house on the utility pole, and then I started the page on Facebook and it took off,” he said Wednesday during an interview on Fox & Friends.

Uss continued:

“I wanted him to see that there is so much good in the world and by doing something as small as putting up a flag on a utility pole could cause such an amazing movement. And him being out there with me, the entire town of Seaford came out, beeping horns, saying beautiful things to us, wishing God bless #America. And the whole point was for them to go out and hang a flag in front of their pole with their family and they have come out in droves. And I wanted him to see that something so small could be so big and it could be an amazing, amazing and positive change.”

The Flags Fly High in Seaford group page said it was “set up for us to display the American Flags on our telephone poles outlining our streets and neighborhood. Showing a little Patriotism in our beautiful community.”

In a Facebook post last week, Rep. Pete King (R-NY) shared a photo of a veteran policeman and his children attaching the flag to a lamp post outside his home.

“I went out and thanked him for being such a proud and loyal American. Really encouraging to see this sense of patriotism. God Bless America!!” King wrote.

Uss said Wednesday that in addition to doing it for his son, he also hoped to offer people a positive look at the flag.

“I love the #AmericanFlag, I love what it stands for. I wanted it to decorate the streets,” he explained, adding, “I wanted him and everyone else to see the positivity in what the flag is and what it could be.” #GodBlessAmerica #binspirednews



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