A @FedEx driver in #FreeholdTownship, #NewJersey, is being praised for his quiet…

A @FedEx driver in #FreeholdTownship, #NewJersey, is being praised for his quiet act of patriotism that took place February 7.

When Rick Guerino Jr. got an alert from his Ring doorbell camera app, he had no idea what he was about to witness.

The footage showed delivery driver Chris Oslovich as he approached Guerino’s home and bent down to detach his #AmericanFlag from the flagpole that had fallen over. “The driver then removes the flag from the pole and folds the #flag according to #USFlagCode. The process involves folding the flag lengthwise and into smaller triangles until only the stars are visible,” the report said.

Following the touching scene, Guerino posted the video to Facebook and it has since been shared more than 6,000 times. “I really appreciated what he did, his patriotism. You don’t see things like that anymore,” said Guerino, who placed the flagpole in his yard after 9/11.

In a statement, #FedEx praised the young man for his kind gesture when he thought no one was looking. “We commend the actions of this service provider employee, who went above and beyond by carefully and respectfully securing the flag on the homeowner’s behalf,” the statement read.

February 16, Oslovich, whose father was a 9/11 first responder, told Fox & Friends Weekend hosts that he decided to take care of the flag because “when you see the flag on the ground, that’s a sign of disrespect.” “The flag should never be desecrated like that so you have to stop, you have to do something whether people are watching or not,” he explained.

Oslovich said he learned to fold it by “watching flag-folding ceremonies or even the flag that my father has, which is folded.” “So I guess from that original experience it was just locked away in my head,” he commented.

Following the event, Guerino was reportedly able to contact Oslovich to thank him. The two men are planning to have dinner together in the near future. #binspirednews



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12 thoughts on “A @FedEx driver in #FreeholdTownship, #NewJersey, is being praised for his quiet…

  1. Honestly I’d do this with any country’s flag respecting a flag of any country is important

  2. Yet when I do things like this its : “GTF off my yawn!”. Can’t tell you how many times I’ve fixed messed up flags at public places like parks and beaches only to be scolded.

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