A five-year-old boy who heard about the wildfires ravaging #Oregon told his gran…

A five-year-old boy who heard about the wildfires ravaging #Oregon told his grandmother he wanted to help the firefighters on the front lines, so he donated a #BabyYoda doll to them.

When Carver’s grandmother, Sasha Tinning, heard about a donation drive for the firefighters, she took five-year-old Carver shopping to buy groceries and other supplies they thought the firefighters could use.

While shopping, Carver’s eyes fixated on a Baby Yoda doll in the toy aisle.

Baby Yoda is a character from the Star Wars Disney+ original series The Mandalorian.

He is an infant of the same alien species that Yoda was in the Star Wars movies.

Carver felt the firefighters would need the doll more than he would, so he sent it away in a care package along with a note.

“Thank you, firefighters,” he wrote. “Here is a friend for you, in case you get lonely <3 Love, Carver.” A few days later, Tyler Eubanks, who runs the charity drive, told Tinning how much the firefighters loved the doll. “These firefighters are putting their lives on the line,” Tinning told CNN. “To have a little bit of sunshine during such a dark time, I think that’s really special for them. He (Baby Yoda) is also just cute as the dickens.” The firefighters now bring Baby Yoda on all their calls and document his travels in a Facebook group. The group has more than 28,000 followers as of Wednesday afternoon, and its purpose is to show others how Baby Yoda has helped them along the way. “These firefighters are away from their children, their loved ones. This is a little pal that brings a bit of normalcy to a crazy time,” Tinning said. #binspirednews



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