A former digital advertising executive in #Wayne, #NewJersey, is using his free …

A former digital advertising executive in #Wayne, #NewJersey, is using his free time to keep his neighbors’ lawns tidy.

When 39-year-old Brian Schwartz was laid off from his job in June due to ramifications from the #coronavirus #pandemic, the news came as a shock, according to WHDH.

However, his late grandfather’s memory inspired Schwartz to use his time wisely, so he decided to mow lawns for the elderly and veterans in his area at no charge.

Not long after, Schwartz launched his I Want To Mow Your Lawn service.

“I decided on a whim to put my name out there in some shape or form to help out with tons of bad news going on. I just wanted to do something good,” he told Fox 5, adding, “It feels good, it feels right, following my heart.”

Schwartz shared a photo Tuesday of himself and another volunteer doing landscaping at a client’s home.

“I just love grandparents. I can only imagine the stress they’re all going through. I realized a lot of them (senior citizens) are on fixed incomes, so I figured there’s a creative way to help them out. Not just physically, but also mentally,” he said.

Schwartz also posted before and after photos of a Vietnam War veteran’s lawn in Wood Ridge.

Even though he did not accept tips for his services, Schwartz did take donations for gas money and nonprofit organizations listed on his website.

“Two neighbors who also lost their jobs during the pandemic have even joined the novice landscaper on his mission,” the WHDH article read.

In addition to his more than a dozen clients, Schwartz offered his services in four New Jersey counties which included Passaic County, Morris County, Bergen County, and Essex County.

Despite the fact his bills were mounting and he was helping care for his newborn at home, Schwartz said he believed things would soon start to look up as he figured out his next career move and continued expanding his law service.

In the meantime, he wanted to help those in need.

“It’s been a really tough stretch the last few months for all of us. It’s stressful and I just wanted to put some good out there,” Schwartz concluded. #binspirednews



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