A four-pound #Chihuahua was named the country’s most heroic pup Monday during th…

A four-pound #Chihuahua was named the country’s most heroic pup Monday during the American Humane #Hero #Dog Awards show in #LosAngeles.

Although rescue dog MacKenzie was born with a cleft palate and later contracted aspiration pneumonia, which nearly killed her, she continues to help other rescue animals and teach children about empathy, according to a press release from the nonprofit group American Humane.

“Her job is to provide love and care for baby rescue animals born with birth defects,” the release continued:

“Most of the rescued animals are babies who cannot stay with their mothers because of their medical problems. MacKenzie takes an interest in each baby from day one, no matter the species or size. She plays nurse and cleans, comforts, and cuddles them. She acts as their mother and teaches them how to socialize, play, and have good manners.”

In addition to puppies, the Chihuahua has cared for animals such as kittens, a goat, a turkey, a squirrel, a mouse, and even a Great Dane.

“MacKenzie’s other important role is to interact with children at schools, so they learn to be open-minded toward animals and people with physical differences,” the release said.

In addition to being named 2020’s American Hero Dog, MacKenzie was also dubbed the country’s Hero Shelter Dog of the Year, according to WINK News.

“The Hero Dog Awards were created to celebrate the powerful relationship between dogs and people and recognize extraordinary acts of heroism performed by ordinary dogs,” the outlet said.

In a Facebook post on Monday, the nonprofit group congratulated the tiny Chihuahua.

At the awards show, a dog named Blue who served in Afghanistan won the title of Military Dog of the Year, and a K-9 who works in explosives detection was named Law Enforcement Dog of the Year.

“These heroic canines have gone above and beyond the call of duty, saving lives on the battlefield, comforting the ill and aged, and reminding us of the powerful, age-old bond between animals and people,” said Dr. Robin Ganzert, president and CEO of American Humane. #binspirednews



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