A #Georgia school bus driver is taking time out of her daily routes to build woo…

A #Georgia school bus driver is taking time out of her daily routes to build wooden desks for needy families as more families and school districts adjust to virtual learning during the #coronavirus #pandemic.

Once Michelle Minor and her sons realized that something as simple as a wooden desk could be a much-needed item for a family, they went straight to work, WSB reported.

So, Minor and her sons carved out space in her garage and driveway and started making as many desks as time would allow.

It all started two weeks ago when Minor, who has a background in woodworking, crafted a desk for one of her sons.

“I realized how cheap I could make these by using my skills. Put a feeler out on Facebook and NextDoor asking if anyone could use a desk,” Minor told WSB.

Now, other families are placing orders for them. Some families are footing the bill for them while other families are donating so needy families can have one built.

“I’ve probably got about 30-40 desks that I need to make, and I just emailed this out last Wednesday,” Minor said.

Minor does this all while driving a school bus for Gwinnett County, Georgia.

Minor’s older son, Skylar, helps his mother measure and cut pieces for the desks while her younger son helps paint the desks when he can.

The Minor family is calling their effort the “Desks for Kids” project and are planning to expand it.

Minor hopes her effort inspires others to build desks, but she is also drawing up formal plans to put online to make it easier for other families to build desks for others.

The Minors are not the only ones working hard to put together desks for kids as they head back to school this year. Two Florida first-grade teachers decided to make a social distancing requirement into something playful by turning the students’ desks into mini-Jeeps with plastic dividers. #binspirednews



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