A group of 12- and 13-year-old brothers from #LittleRock, #Arkansas, started a l…

A group of 12- and 13-year-old brothers from #LittleRock, #Arkansas, started a lawn service during the #coronavirus #pandemic, and now they are getting the whole community behind their business.

“This is how you curb all the violence that we see in our neighborhoods. When you help kids that are trying to help themselves,” Reggie Swinton, a Little Rock native who helped the boys get their equipment, told KLRT. “Then you give them motivation, you give them the freedom to go do what they wanna do legally.”

After the boys got some advice from their mother, they used what they had and built their own lawn-cutting business.

“I was trying to find something they could do outside and encourage them to do something positive outside,” their mother, Toyuna Boyd, said.

But what happened next surprised the brothers, thanks to the generosity of Swinton, who also has his own lawn service.

“Something just said stop and talk to these kids,” Swinton said. “So I talked to them, kinda got a feel for them, they told me they cutting yards, trying make some money… y’all give me y’all number and I’m going to help y’all.”

After Swinton posted the boys’ story on Facebook, he raised more than $37,000 for them — all thanks to the community that pitched in.

Swinton also offered to mentor the boys and help them learn the tricks of the trade.

Now, the King Brothers Lawn Service is available for anyone who needs their grass cut in the local area — even during the coronavirus pandemic.

You can visit their Facebook page or call them at (501) 366-8481.




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