A group of #firefighters rescued a man trapped in the middle of a #Maine stream …

A group of #firefighters rescued a man trapped in the middle of a #Maine stream on Tuesday evening.

The group of 13 firefighters from #Bangor responded to the incident around 6 p.m., where a man was trapped on the rocks under the Interstate 95 overpass and in the middle of the #KenduskeagStream, WGME reported. “He was apparently attempting to cross the river and got stranded on a rock in the middle of the stream,” said Assistant Chief Chandler Corriveau of the Bangor Fire Department told the Bangor Daily News. “I never found out why he thought that was OK to do.” Two fire department rescue swimmers placed the man, who was stuck in waist-deep waters, in a life vest and brought him ashore.

Corriveau said the man was out of the stream less than 15 minutes after rescue crews arrived at the scene and taken to a local hospital for evaluation. The man did not suffer any injuries.

This is the second time the Bangor Fire Department has had to make a river rescue over the past two weeks. On December 27, firefighters rescued two men from the iced-over Kenduskeag Stream near the Franklin Street bridge because one of the men dropped his cellphone on the ice. #binspirednews



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