A group of siblings is now together again after a #Philadelphia foster mom to th…

A group of siblings is now together again after a #Philadelphia foster mom to the children is officially their #adopted mother.

Their mother, Bobbie Floyd, adopted four of the siblings on Wednesday and plans to adopt the other two, bringing the total to six siblings. “We all, we’re all together now,” ten-year-old Serenity Floyd, told WPVI, looking at a couch with three of her biological siblings.

Floyd started out as a foster mother to two children, in addition to having two biological children of her own. She said she thought about having more kids until her husband passed away on October 19, 2014.

Two years to the day after he passed away, Floyd made it her mission to become a foster mother. “October 19, 2016, I decided to become a foster mother and I got children that day,” she said.

She says she has considered the kids her own for years, but the judge made it official by giving the kids the same last name as her. “I realized they were going to separate them and my whole thing was keeping the kids together because I know how hard it was to keep siblings together. Never realizing that there were six,” Floyd told FOX 19. “I kept them all together.” For more heartwarming stories like these, check out the hashtag #binspirednews, and the link in our bio ❤️😊



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  1. Much respect to her and admiration it’s definitely a sacrafice but she is literally saving their lives. God Bless her and her entire family!!!!

  2. Awesome story! Love this SO much! We adopted a sibling group of five and two more are unofficially adopted because they are over 18. Blessings to Bobbie and family! May God grant you with love, peace and joy! #BigFamilyIsBest

  3. Awww congratulations !! You are an amazing women ❤️❤️ This also happened to me in 1971 when me and my 3 siblings were dropped off on a door step and never left, The two people became my Mother and Father and they wouldn’t let the city separate us… The best

  4. She’s amazing! “Children are a gift of the Lord, and blessed is the one whose quiver is full of them…”

  5. Somewhere, a mother is missing her children. There’s no excuse for the State to remove this many children from family. Btw, this family is getting paid 1,000 per kid. But the State pays more to separate families than to keep them together.

  6. wow that horrible racist white women giving children a chance how dare she……….Said every liberal in north America

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