A homeowner in #Glendale, #Arizona, is making sure delivery workers feel appreci…

A homeowner in #Glendale, #Arizona, is making sure delivery workers feel appreciated during the #Chinese #coronavirus #pandemic.

When #FedEx delivery man Tadashi Andrews approached the individual’s house on Saturday to drop off a package, he noticed something unusual.

Sitting on the porch was a cardboard box filled with items such as Gatorade, toilet paper, bottles of water, and cans of soup with a note to delivery workers that said: “We are all sanitized!” “Thank you for being committed to the human race, we are depending on you! Take anything you want! Spread love! Stronger TOGETHER!” the note read.

Andrews was so touched by the homeowner’s generosity that he snapped a photo of the box and shared it to his Instagram page:. “I’m a FedEx Express Courier. I deliver to so many types of places everyday [sic]. Businesses, houses, apartments, hospitals, you name it, I’ll deliver. This house I just left had this box on the porch. So thoughtful. So caring,” he wrote.

Instagram users praised the individual for the act of kindness and shared their own stories of how customers had cared for them during the ongoing health crisis. “I recently did a residential pick up and the customer was very sweet in reassuring me that the box (a return laptop) had been very well sprayed with disinfectant so I would definitely be ‘ok’. We have good customers!” one person wrote. “Now this is remarkable THOUGHTFUL!!” another commented.

In his initial post, Andrews said it was wonderful to see neighbors helping neighbors at a time when some people were panicking and hoarding basic items. “We need waaaaay more of this. Please, if you see this, share it. Everyone needs to see this,” he wrote.

Andrews said he posted the photo in an effort to highlight the fact that “there are people out there that are caring for us that are moving commerce and trying to keep normalcy in our day to day lives,” he concluded. #binspirednews



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  1. Just did this for my waste guys and mail carrier. They really appreciate it so luv to see this.

  2. If people did this everyday for the homeless, or for whoever needs a hand up, would really make a positive impact.

  3. This is not solely for the road. It’s also intended to show appreciation. C’mon people. It’s very thoughtful. Note: it also says that they sanitized everything.

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