A husband in Austin, #Texas, gave his beloved wife a very unique gift for #Chris…

A husband in Austin, #Texas, gave his beloved wife a very unique gift for #Christmas this year.

Mike and Peggy Nipper have been happily married for half a century. However, when they learned that Peggy had polycystic kidney disease earlier this year, the high school sweethearts faced a major challenge.

Peggy’s mother died of the same disease years ago, so she knew a kidney transplant would be difficult especially since some medical facilities do not take transplant patients over 70-years-old.

Peggy also had to find a person whose blood and tissue matched her own. Thankfully, that person was her dearly loved husband. “All these years, all these years living with my match,” Peggy said.

The couple underwent the successful transplant surgery just before the holiday season began, according to Fox 29. “I tell people she gave me her heart 50 years ago, so I will give her my kidney for the remainder,” Mike said of his sweetheart, adding, “I’m going to count it as a Christmas present and maybe the next birthday present too.” Peggy received what is called a preemptive kidney transplant, which meant she was able to avoid dialysis, according to the National Kidney Foundation. “Some research shows that a pre-emptive or early transplant, with little or no time spent on dialysis, can lead to better long-term health. It may also allow you to keep working, save time and money, and have a better quality of life,” the website stated.

The couple treasures their time together even more now, thanks to a successful operation that has given them a special bond many will never experience. “This is the best. This one keeps on giving,” Peggy said of her husband’s gift.

Today, there are more than 101,000 Americans waiting to receive a life-saving kidney transplant, according to the foundation’s website. #binspirednews



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