A #Kentucky community came together to help a #Marine #veteran in need by raisin…

A #Kentucky community came together to help a #Marine #veteran in need by raising enough money to help her purchase a vehicle.

A friend of Cynthiana, Kentucky, Mayor James Smith said that his neighbor, Veteran Pfc. Brenda Bullock, is a recent breast cancer survivor who had undergone two surgeries and needed to travel often to the Veterans Affairs (VA) hospital in Lexington.

Bullock needed a new car and went to Georgetown, Kentucky, to purchase one. The engine failed on her within days, Smith told WKYT. “That cost her probably about $1,000,” Smith said.

That is when Bullock’s neighbor and Smith collaborated and launched a Facebook fundraiser together. The two initially asked those in the community to raise $1,500 to help Bullock with her vehicle troubles. “It got approved at 5 a.m. on Friday morning, by 9 a.m. we had hit my goal and within 12 hours we had hit $4,000,” Smith said.

Now that the fundraiser has raised more than $4,500, Smith said the plan is to not only fix Bullock’s car but pay off her car payments and get her a new set of tires.

Smith said the money raised from the fundraiser should make it to Bullock just in time for Christmas. #binspirednews



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