A kindergartner in San Diego County, #California, is being recognized for her ac…

A kindergartner in San Diego County, #California, is being recognized for her act of kindness toward her fellow students.

When 5-year-old Katelynn Hardee heard that some of her classmates at #BreezeHill Elementary School were struggling to pay off their school lunch debt, she decided to do something about it, KTLA reported.

Katelynn asked her mom, Karina, if she could set up a hot cocoa and cookie stand, just like the lemonade stand she did this summer, to raise the funds needed. “I can give money to the lunch people so they’ll have money,” the little girl commented.

When word about her idea spread all over the community, the business began to grow, according to NBC San Diego.

The money raised from Katelynn’s homemade hot cocoa and cookies stand was enough to pay off the lunch balances of 123 students. “I don’t want people to be hungry,” the kindhearted kindergartner said.

The elementary school’s mission is to “educate, inspire and empower all students to succeed in a changing global society,” according to its website. “Our goal is for each student to experience a sense of pride through positive accomplishments, mastery of grade-level standards, and development of valuable relationships as we prepare them for a successful future in the 21st century,” the site concluded.

Principal Lori Higley and school cafeteria lead, Teresa Sharp, recently gave Katelynn an award to recognize her thoughtful gift.
“It is truly inspiring to see Katelynn’s compassion and generous nature utilized to help those less fortunate,” said Director of Child Nutrition Services, Jamie Phillips.

Friday, the Breeze Hill Elementary School PTA shared photos of Katelynn’s cocoa and cookies stand to its Facebook page and praised the young girl for her efforts to relieve some of her classmates’ worry. “Way to go, Katelynn! You are a Breeze Hill star!” the post read. #binspirednews



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