A landlord in #Brooklyn, #NewYork, is making sure his hundreds of tenants have o…

A landlord in #Brooklyn, #NewYork, is making sure his hundreds of tenants have one less thing to worry about during the #coronavirus #pandemic.

When 28-year-old Paul Gentile lost his job in March due to virus concerns, he had no idea how he was going to pay April’s rent.

However, a few days after being let go from his position at a personal injury firm where he worked as a lawyer, he spotted a sign on the front door of his apartment building. “Due to the recent pandemic of coronavirus #COVID19 affecting all of us, please note I am waiving rent for the month of April, 2020,” the sign read. “Stay safe, help your neighbors & wash your hands!!! Thank you, Mario,” it concluded.

The note was from Gentile’s landlord, 59-year-old Mario Salerno, who posted it at all 18 of his residential buildings in the Williamsburg borough.

Thursday, Salerno said he did not care about losing his rental income for the month, nor did he even calculate what his loss would be. “My concern is everyone’s health,” he explained, adding, “I told them just to look out for your neighbor and make sure that everyone has food on their table.” While the city has reportedly become the country’s “hotspot” for the disease, Gentile said his landlord’s kind gesture during the health crisis was surprising but not shocking because he regularly takes care of his tenants. “You don’t see that, especially in a landlord-tenant relationship in New York City. He’s amazing,” he commented.

As the number of coronavirus cases in the state continues to soar, Salerno said his renters were grateful for his decision and hopes his community will work together to get through the pandemic. “They’re all very appreciative. I told them ‘make sure you help your neighbor,’” he concluded. #binspirednews



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  1. As nice as this is, I hate these type stories because I feel like people then expect it to he the norm. Not all landlords can do that. 50% of all US rentals are owned by landlords who own 10 units or less – one of the many, many small businesses of the world. If possible, then absolutely. But I don’t like that then some people expect it to be done by all landlords.

  2. @suzannethomas1993 @elainenelson2010 @redcrowley Zanne this is the one I told you about yesterday

  3. Terrific!!! Absolutely wonderful! Please don’t condemn other Landlords, they usually have mortgages etc to pay.

  4. If some states are giving 90 days extension on mortgages why can’t the mortgage holders of apartments or houses do the same?

  5. That’s wonderful for the landlords to do this if they can. Please me kind to the ones that can’t too though, they have mortgages to pay and have to have their rent money.

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