A little boy in #Hampton, #NewHampshire, is being praised for his quick thinking…

A little boy in #Hampton, #NewHampshire, is being praised for his quick thinking when a neighbor recently found herself in a dangerous situation.

Three-year-old Eyas Tran loves to visit his next door neighbor, Peggy, and deliver her newspaper himself, according to CBS Boston. “We consider her family,” his mom, Minh Tran, said of the elderly woman who lives alone.

However, while taking a walk on Wednesday afternoon, Eyas went to give Peggy her newspaper, but noticed there were several more on the ground outside her door. “There was one, two, three newspapers,” he recalled.

Eyas told his parents, who then rang her doorbell and called her house. When they did not receive an answer and noticed that her car was still in the garage, they asked the Hampton Police Department for help. “When units arrived they were able to gain entry in to [sic} the residence. The elderly female was located in the basement and was trapped in a small corridor,” a press release by the department read.

Eyas’ neighbor had been locked inside the basement alone for three days. “It was just one of those freak accidents where the door closed behind her, and she was stuck downstairs,” said Deputy Police Chief David Hobbs.

Thankfully, the officers said Peggy was in good spirits and the Hampton Fire Department treated her at the scene. Following her rescue, she was taken to Portsmouth Hospital with only minor injuries and was expected to be okay.

Thursday, Facebook users praised Eyas for his quick thinking and excellent observation skills. “Incredible observation for a 3 year old! Future detective! Bravo!!!” one person wrote. “Well done! So proud of this little guy!” another commented. #binspirednews



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