A little boy in Phoenix, Arizona, is being called a hero after he helped save hi…

A little boy in Phoenix, Arizona, is being called a hero after he helped save his mother’s life October 1.

When 7-year-old Sabyan Varela saw his pregnant mom, Simone Varela, faint on their couch, he knew something was very wrong, according to azfamily.com. “She slowly started to fall back on the couch and started to shake and stuff,” he recalled. Sabyan then grabbed his mother’s cellphone and called his father, Robert Varela. “I told my dad I think she’s having a seizure,” he said.

Robert then called 911 as he rushed back to their house. “He told me that he would wait outside for the firefighters. He was so calm. He did great,” the proud father said of his little boy.

A few minutes later, emergency crews arrived at the scene to help Sabyan’s mother who was suffering from a severe pregnancy complication known as an eclamptic seizure, according to Fox 10 Phoenix. “He did a stellar job, you can tell he loved his mom wanted to care for his mom, he was calm, he was collected,” said Phoenix firefighter, Jordan Block. “He was right outside waiting on us to come into the house so he waved us down,” he added.

Simone was taken to Banner Estrella Medical Center where doctors performed an emergency cesarean. Thankfully, she and baby Bella are both in good health. “It feels amazing. It makes me feel like I did everything that I could have done as a mother to raise him to do those kind of things in emergency situations,” his mother commented, adding “It feels like I did something right.” Monday, the fire department honored Sabyan for his heroic actions by presenting him with a “life saving” award. “The Phoenix Fire Department would like to recognize you, Sabyan, for your fast actions on October 1, 2019, that ultimately saved your mother’s life,” said Captain Rob McDade during the ceremony.

Now, Sabyan wants everyone to know that “No matter what you are, you can be a hero.” #binspirednews



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