A little boy in the #UnitedKingdom is now able to hug his younger brother thanks…

A little boy in the #UnitedKingdom is now able to hug his younger brother thanks to a designer’s creation.

Five-year-old Jacob Scrimshaw was born without his left arm, which made his life very different from anyone else’s, according to the BBC.

Because the National Health Service (NHS) and many companies believe a functioning prosthetic will not work if the limb ends above the elbow, Jacob never had one.

However, when his parents heard that innovator Ben Ryan, who started his own company called Ambionics about three years ago, had created a hydraulic design for his son who had an emergency amputation when he was just 10 days old, they gave him a call. “The family wanted an elbow that could be set in different positions, a gripping mechanism and a modular hand that can be swapped out for other tools,” the BBC reported.

Jacob was fitted with his green ‘Hulk’ arm on December 12, just in time for the holidays. “Well today was the day the thanks to everyone of you Jacob got his first arm! This is the best Christmas present ever his very own hulk arm! Jacob, Gemma & Chris can’t thank you all enough for all your kind donations!” the family’s GoFundMe page stated.

Ambionics’ mission is to make prosthetics available to children who need them as quickly as possible so their brains can “react to and fully use their replacement limbs,” its website stated.

Now, Jacob is able to hug his little brother and push his sister’s baby buggy. His mom, Gemma Turner, said she is looking forward to Christmas Day with her son. “He is still getting used to it but it is great, we are thinking it will be fab at Christmas when he’ll be able to open his presents with two hands.” Ryan said the superhero arm “was what Jacob wanted, including have a larger hand, so the theme is perfect,” he concluded. #binspirednews



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