A little girl in #GrandRapids, #Michigan, got a huge welcome home from her commu…

A little girl in #GrandRapids, #Michigan, got a huge welcome home from her community Tuesday after finishing up her last round of chemotherapy.

When doctors discovered five-year-old Rosie Schutter had a large Wilm’s tumor on her kidney in October, they immediately took action, according to a #GoFundMe page set up to help the family with medical expenses.

The page outlined: “On Thursday, the tumor, (which weighed 5 pounds) her kidney, some affected lymph nodes, a small piece of lung, and a small piece of diaphragm were removed successfully. This is a cancerous tumor and the next step will be to begin chemotherapy. First and foremost we can all be in prayer for Steve, Amanda, Eleanor and Rosie. We are believing for complete healing and restoration for little Rosie.” “For I will restore health to you and heal you of your wounds, says the Lord.” Jeremiah 30:17.

Following her surgery, Rosie was separated from her loved ones while undergoing treatment at Helen DeVos Children’s Hospital where visitor restrictions were put in place due to the #coronavirus #pandemic.
However, she finished her chemo treatments Monday and was beyond excited to go home the next day, according to a Facebook post by her mom. “It’s our last night here in the hospital for chemo! Going home tomorrow,” Amanda wrote alongside a picture of her daughter wearing a sparkly Elsa gown.

When she arrived at her house on Tuesday, Rosie was surprised to find more than 80 families in the community had planned to celebrate her victory by giving her a parade. “It’s been four or five days here where we’ve only been able to video chat. So even just getting my wife and Rosie back home today was super emotional, but just to see our friends and family come by and see her light up, so excited,” said her dad, Steve.

Rosie and her family waved as drivers honked and passengers held brightly colored signs outside their windows to let her know how proud they were of her. “She’s kind of become her old social self again. So something like this is just right up her alley. Just being able to see everybody and say hi and so I just absolutely love to see how happy it made her,” Steve concluded. #binspirednews



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