A little girl in Gretna, Virginia, got a very special surprise at her elementary…

A little girl in Gretna, Virginia, got a very special surprise at her elementary school Wednesday.

Video footage shows 5-year-old Robyn Clements waiting patiently with her classmates for a special guest to deliver cookies to the entire group of children that afternoon. “I’m ready for cookies!” the class shouts excitedly. “Alright, I think y’all’s special guest is coming,” a teacher is heard saying in the background.
Moments later, Robyn jumps up from her seat and runs into the arms of the special guest, who happens to be her mother, Daniela, just returned from a six months deployment with the United States Air Force in North Carolina.

However, that was not the only surprise she received that day.

A few seconds later, her father, Robin, who also serves in the Air Force, steps into the room holding flowers and balloons for his little girl.

The excited kindergartner runs to him and puts her arms around his neck for a hug. “I was so excited because I wanted to see them and I wanted them to surprise me,” Robyn told CBS 12 regarding the tender reunion.

Daniela expressed her thanks to the school for making the event so special for her daughter, according to the Chatham Star Tribune. “It has been amazing. We appreciated it as a family,” she commented, adding that being away from Robyn and her brother for the past six months has been difficult. “I didn’t expect it. We had a week’s notice to leave, but it was very tough. The school and her grandparents have made it very easy for us.” Following their surprise reunion, the students lined the hallways and offered high-fives and their heartfelt thanks to the Clements family for their service to the country.

Now, the Clements will head down to New Orleans, Louisiana, to give their son Jeremy a similar surprise. #binspirednews



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