A Louisiana homeless man who helped fix a woman’s tire and spent money filling i…

A Louisiana homeless man who helped fix a woman’s tire and spent money filling it has a roof over his head temporarily thanks to a stranger’s kindness.

The man, Randy Head, was fixing a flat tire at a RaceTrac gas station when Scott Landry decided to capture the moment on Facebook. The post shared by Scott Landry went viral, gaining more than 3,100 shares.

Landry witnessed Head changing the woman’s tire while he was getting coffee, so he asked him if there was anything he wanted. “The first thing that came to my mind was, ‘They’re having a worse night than me,’” Landry told the Advocate. “And so that’s when I offered to help. Here I am feeling sorry for myself because I can’t get my coffee immediately when I want it when all I got to do is stop at the next exit in Breaux Bridge, and here’s this guy that’s homeless, has got nowhere to sleep and is paying out of his pocket to help this girl. It just made my problems seem a lot smaller. It just gave me perspective on what was going on.” Head told the Acadiana Advocate that he was thankful for Landry’s gesture as he checked into the Red Roof Inn on Tuesday afternoon for five nights.

The homeless man answered Landry that he wanted to get out of the cold, so Landry booked him a room at the Red Roof Inn for a few nights. “It’s a good story that’s more about Scott than me,” Head said. “He’s the one who got the ball rolling. He’s the one who saw what I was doing and thought enough about it to put it on Facebook.” Head said he uses his time regularly to help others even though he lives in a tent along Louisiana Avenue in Acadiana, adding that he feels “blessed” every day. “I guess this is my time now where God is going to present me to the world,” Head said. “I don’t even have to wait to go to heaven to get my reward. I’m going to get it right now.” Landry has also set up a Facebook fundraiser for Head as well, raising $1,875 out of $2,000 as of Wednesday afternoon. #binspirednews



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