A man with cerebral palsy in #Seward, #Nebraska, is feeling loved thanks to comm…

A man with cerebral palsy in #Seward, #Nebraska, is feeling loved thanks to community members who heard he needed some cheering up amid the #coronavirus #pandemic.

Dee Soflin’s brother, Marc Bogert, has cerebral palsy and is a resident at the Ridgewood Rehabilitation and Care Center, KOLN reported.

According to his sister, Marc is a social butterfly who never stops smiling. “His favorite spot, from what I’m understanding, is by the nurse’s station so he can be the greeter. He’s just — he’s such a good guy,” she said.

However, because of the health crisis, Marc’s movement around the facility has been limited, and he cannot wear a mask due to existing breathing issues. “He was just feeling kind of down because he couldn’t do his usual routine where he was always telling everybody ‘hi’ and ‘hey.’ You know, big thumbs up guy,” she explained.

To lift his spirits, Soflin put out a call on social media on May 7 and asked her neighbors for help. “Can I ask that anyone who could take time to send him a card or something cheerful to help him get through this seclusion, please do so?” she wrote, adding that Marc was a big Huskers and WWE wrestling fan. “He needs a pick me up in other ways than human contact right now. The staff will take his mail to him and read them to him. Just one little cheerful note will help him out,” Soflin continued.

Thanks to his sister, Marc later received dozens of heartfelt letters, balloons, and gifts from people who wanted to make him feel better. “It surprises me how many, but it doesn’t surprise me that it’s happened. I mean, I have a lot of friends and a lot of family that, you know, that’s just the kind of people we are,” she said.

Because of their generosity and love, Marc has a smile on his face again. “It made me feel really good because he really deserves it, and they are telling me it has really, really made a difference,” Soflin concluded.

Those who wish to send Marc a card can mail it to: Ridgewood Rehab and Care Center, 624 Pinewood Avenue, Seward, NE 68434.




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