A #Massachusetts community is supporting a couple after they were sent a nasty n…

A #Massachusetts community is supporting a couple after they were sent a nasty note shaming them for not painting their house.

The note read: “Please Paint Me! 🙁 Eye sore – Your Neighbors. Thanks,” according to the Gloucester Daily Times.

The note upset homeowner James Curcuru because the person who wrote it does not know why the house fell into such disrepair.

“I’ve had quadruple bypass, and then I had kidney problems after that, and she got diagnosed with MS 30 years ago,” Curcuru told NBC 10 Boston of his wife, Marilyn, who is confined to her bed.

Their children decided to create a post on Facebook explaining why their house was in such disrepair.

“My family for many years took care and maintained this house best they could, but due to some circumstances the house repairs have got to be too much for them,” the Curcurus’ daughter Michelle Curcuru Baran posted on her Facebook in late July. “To my concerned neighbor, thank you for letting me know my house needs to be painted. Guess what? I know.”

The post drew a lot of attention, with people offering to either paint the house or donate money to the cause.

“When I saw on Facebook the hurtful letter that the Curcuru family received, my heart went out,” said Faye Passanisi, who donated $100 to start a giving campaign on Facebook called “We Are All in This Together- Gloucester.”

Hours later, a GoFundMe page was created to raise money for the couple’s housing renovation expenses, including the siding, windows, roofing, and stairs. As of Monday afternoon, the page raised more than $56,000 of its $82,000 goal.

Harvest Moon Builders visited the house, provided an estimate, and were able to cut their management and overhead profit by half. Ace Hardware also donated money and materials to the cause.

Curcuru said his situation “just reaffirms the fact that there are a lot more good people in this world than bad people.” #binspirednews



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