A mother in Monmouth, #Oregon, who gave birth to “one in a million” identical tw…

A mother in Monmouth, #Oregon, who gave birth to “one in a million” identical twins last year is sharing her story.

Rachel Prescott and her husband, Cody, were elated when doctors told them she was pregnant with twins, according to LifeNews.com.

However, they also diagnosed the babies, Charlotte and Annette, with Down syndrome and congenital heart disease and encouraged Rachel to abort them. “Information on navigating their cardiac situation was dwarfed by the push for genetic testing and possible means of abortion,” the young mom said. “I wanted to explain how far I was from desiring to end my pregnancy, but at that moment I could only sit in silence.” A total of six doctors suggested abortion, even though they were not totally certain of the girls’ health conditions.

Despite the possible diagnosis, the Prescotts moved forward with their pregnancy.

The odds of having identical twins with Down syndrome are one in a million, and that is exactly what happened. “Doctors usually suggest that twins are born by c-section because it can be risky but our prayers had been answered for a natural birth and two babies not needing to be rushed away to an operating table,” Rachel said, adding, “We were so grateful and relieved.” Since their birth, the Prescott family wants the world to know that Down syndrome should not cause fear, but acceptance.

Now, Rachel shares their journey on a blog dedicated to erasing the stigma that surrounds people with Down syndrome. “Parents, DO NOT FEAR negative comments or opinions from others concerning your child or Down syndrome,” she wrote in May. “These words are dust. Stink bugs may crawl up, stench included, but they are merely proof that there still exist people who need to know the truth about what joy, love, and beauty, are truly about.” #binspirednews



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