A nine-year-old girl from #Iowa is spreading the love this #ValentinesDay season…

A nine-year-old girl from #Iowa is spreading the love this #ValentinesDay season by decorating doors with hearts to raise $1,600 for a cancer organization in #Nebraska.

“I have this Happy Valentine’s Day red heart,” Evelyn George said, pointing to a red heart taped to her door.

Evelyn was inspired to help people with cancer through crafting, something her mother knows she loves to do as a hobby.

“You know, our dining room looks a little like a war zone with glitter,” Angela chuckled as she told WOWT.

In one month, Evelyn and her mother made around 2,000 paper hearts.

Evelyn called the project “Heart Attack.”

“We’re gonna attack people’s doors,” Evelyn said. “With hearts.”

Angela posted on Facebook that “Heart Attack” was an opportunity to help people through their donations to the Nebraska Cancer Specialists’ Hope Foundation, while Evelyn decorated their front doors using paper hearts for the donors in time for Valentine’s Day.

Evelyn’s experience with cancer hits a little close to home, as her grandfather was diagnosed with esophageal cancer two years ago.

Despite the diagnosis, he is doing okay and helped deliver some of the door decorations to people around town.

Evelyn’s hard work paid off; her efforts raised more than $1,600.

Although it might be too late to get your door decorated, Evelyn’s mother is still accepting donations for the foundation via Venmo with the username @Angela-George-68. #binspirednews



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