A nurse in #Haslet, #Texas, got a big surprise Wednesday after returning home fr…

A nurse in #Haslet, #Texas, got a big surprise Wednesday after returning home from caring for #coronavirus patients in #NewYorkCity.

When Wilson Middle School nurse Kristy Edney saw the reports about how hard the coronavirus #pandemic hit the Big Apple, she wanted to help.

Her school had already closed, so she began thinking about how she could use her skills to help those on the east coast. “I made a phone call and 48 hours, later I was on a plane,” said Edney, who is a former ER and labor and delivery nurse.

She spent the next month separated from her husband and four kids while she cared for those sick with the virus at a hospital in Queens. “I was leaving being at home to go fight the unknown. It was crazy. It was something you’d seen on the news and knew it was bad, but it was something you could not have prepared yourself to walk into,” the nurse explained.

However, when residents of the Sendera Ranch neighborhood heard about her sacrifice, they were inspired to say thank you in a big way.

Neighbor Chelsea Angles and her husband, Chris, run a Facebook page that organizes birthday parades for the community and after someone told them Edney was on her way home last week, they got to work.

Wednesday, Edney was enjoying her front yard when a line of cars decorated with signs and balloons began driving by her house.

A Haslet fire truck and other emergency vehicles also joined the procession and even turned on their sirens to welcome the nurse home. “You could tell at first she’s waving like, oh, cool it’s a parade, awesome,” Chelsea recalled. “And then all of a sudden I think when she started to see the signs she realized—oh my god, this is for me!” About 80 vehicles participated in the event. “I cried tears of joy because it was very overwhelming to see the support. I still just see it as I’m a nurse and I went to help,” she concluded. #binspirednews



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