A #Phoenix #police officer smashed his way into a burning car before dragging th…

A #Phoenix #police officer smashed his way into a burning car before dragging the unconscious driver out and performing #CPR to resuscitate him.

Bodycam footage released Monday showed the officer running toward the car, which was engulfed in flames on its front end.

According to the Phoenix #FireDepartment, the police responded to the scene of a single-vehicle crash on March 25 and discovered an unconscious driver in his 40s inside the vehicle.

The officer, with the help of a local resident, took a fire extinguisher and broke the glass of one of the windows. From there, he was able to lean into the broken window and unlock the vehicle’s door.

He then pulled the unconscious man from the burning vehicle and laid him down at a safe distance away from the wreckage.

“I got no heartbeat,” one of the officers could be heard saying over the video, prompting one of the officers to perform CPR.

Firefighters eventually arrived at the scene and took over the rescue efforts, and extinguished the car fire.

The victim was rushed to the hospital in critical condition. The officer who pulled the victim from the burning car also suffered minor injuries and was hospitalized.

It is unclear what caused the crash and fire. The person rescued is currently recovering at a hospital. #binspirednews



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