A police #dog in #WashingtonState has returned home after being shot during a #p…

A police #dog in #WashingtonState has returned home after being shot during a #police chase and enduring several surgeries in #Oregon.

“The chase happened Wednesday night as deputies pursued an armed driver along I-5 south into Grand Mound. In the moments after the chase ended, gunfire erupted leaving both the suspect and Arlo wounded,” KOMO News reported Tuesday.

Arlo was shot in his leg and another bullet lodged in his shoulder and neck. He was taken to a veterinary clinic where he underwent surgery to be stabilized, but medical staff found one of the bullets was still stuck near his spine.

“A second surgery was scheduled with veterinary specialists at Oregon State University in Corvallis, and Lacey fighters gave him a medical transport Thursday ahead of surgery on Friday,” the article continued:

“After a fever of 104 degrees was brought under control, surgeons removed the bullet from near his spine, fused his C-5, C-6 and C-7 Vertebrae together with a screws and cement, Thurston County Sheriff’s officials said. They also removed bone fragments from his spine and surrounding areas. Arlo now has 6 screws in his neck, but some bullet fragments had to be left behind that veterinarians say should not pose a threat but were too dangerous to reach.”

The Thurston County Sheriff’s Office posted a video Monday of the K-9 leaving the Oregon hospital and first responders standing on bridges to salute him as he passed underneath.

A huge crowd of people including fellow first responders greeted Arlo and his partner when they arrived home.

The police dog has 1.3 million followers on what appears to be his TikTok profile.

“Deputies say Arlo’s injuries to his neck and shoulders will leave him with arthritis and thus we will not be returning to active duty,” the KOMO report concluded. #binspirednews



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