A policeman in #Chicago, #Illinois, found something he was not expecting as he p…

A policeman in #Chicago, #Illinois, found something he was not expecting as he patrolled the city’s #SouthSide on January 6.

#ChicagoPoliceDepartment (#CPD) Officer George Davros was doing his normal rounds when he noticed a little dog shivering on the side of the road. “I thought, ‘What is that little puppy doing out there?’” Davros recalled.

However, it was not a puppy but a 5-year-old Miniature Pinscher mix.

Once the kind-hearted policeman parked his cruiser, he was able to coax the dog into the warm vehicle with a piece of lunch meat.

Davros asked several passersby if they knew where her family was but no one did, so he took her to the Gresham District police station to scan her microchip in hopes of finding her rightful owners. “I’m thinking, she’s such a nice little dog, someone’s got to be looking for her,” he stated.

When they arrived at the station Davros cleaned her up, gave her some food, and then played with her.

Even though the little dog had already taken up residence in his heart, Davros knew he must do the right thing and turn her over the city’s Animal Care and Control to be processed.

However, the agency was unable to locate her family, so she was transferred to PAWS Chicago and prepared for adoption.

PAWS’s mission is to create no-kill communities, end the overpopulation of homeless animals, and transform animal welfare by setting higher standards for how they are treated.

Staff members named the dog Jem and said the officers who knew Davros had noticed a connection between him and the little stray animal.

Sara Rehfeld, the organization’s director of strategic programs and adoption services, noted that he “very much wanted her to find her family if she was out and lost.” Not surprisingly, the Davros family later showed up at PAWS’ Lincoln Park adoption center to make the dog their own.

They renamed her Eva, and Rehfeld said, “You could tell he [Davros] was in love from that moment on.” Friday, the policeman and his beloved pet took a stroll through a park near their home. “She’s pretty cool,” he said of Eva while holding her in his arms. #binspirednews



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