A restaurant in #Middletown, #Connecticut, is making sure its neighbors who lost…

A restaurant in #Middletown, #Connecticut, is making sure its neighbors who lost power during #TropicalStorm #Isaias have food on their tables.

When Jerry’s Pizza & Bar recently offered a free meal to those without electricity, the response was overwhelming, according to NBC Connecticut.

“We decided to put the thing up on Facebook and it just started to go crazy,” said owner Carmela Schiano as she helped prepare several dozen meals for her neighbors.

“If there is a family that still is without power or may have lost their perishable food and could really use dinner….. message me on the page. We will take care of you tonight,” the post read.

Facebook users expressed their thanks for the kind gesture and told Schiano how much they loved the restaurant.

“Thank you Carmella [sic] for what you are doing. You guys are awesome, bless your heart,” one person wrote.

Manager Antonio Lockwood explained that the situation gave them an opportunity to reach out to those who had already been through so much because of the pandemic, adding, “Now 700,000 people in Connecticut don’t have power.”

Brendon Mayhew, a father of four and one on the way, said the free meal was a relief and a return to normalcy.

“For them to be doing this, we’re so grateful. At least a little bit of humanity is restored,” he commented.

The restaurant is one of the oldest and best-known pizzerias in the area, according to its website.

“The original location was opened on December 28, 1968 by Jerry Schiano in the Washington Plaza on Washington St. in Middletown,” the site reads.

Thanks to her father’s example, Schiano said she knew the business was not just about selling food, but helping their neighbors when they needed it most.

“He always taught me always make sure you do something for your customers so they appreciate you a little bit. You want your customers to feel like you’re part of their family as well,” she noted. #binspirednews



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